Installation, repair and modification
of automotive mufflers
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Muffler repair in Longueuil

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Koki Silencieux in Longueuil, near Brossard and La Prairie, takes care of your muffler repairs.

Car muffler repair and replacement in Longueuil

With more than 20 years of experience, we repair mufflers for all types and makes of vehicles. Beforehand, we perform a diagnostic to identify, detect and repair the problems.

We are versatile and can repair all components of the exhaust system: muffler, catalytic converter, hose, manifolds, resonators and others. Whether it's damaged parts, loose baffles or corrosion, we can provide the appropriate solution.

If the damage is too extensive, we can replace the vehicle's muffler. We can also install exhaust systems for you. 

As qualified muffler repairers in Longueuil, we find a solution to all types of problems

Muffler Repair Longueuil
Our services
  • Muffler Installation
  • Muffler Repair
  • Muffler Replacement
  • Catalytic Converter Installation
  • Automotive Exhaust Systems Installation
Our strengths
  • 20 years of experience in automotive exhaust system installation, repair and modification
  • Quality service
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast work
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We offer our services in Longueuil.

Your muffler repair specialist in Longueuil

A defective or damaged car exhaust system reduces the engine's operating efficiency and increases the release of harmful pollutants into the environment. As a general rule, your car's exhaust muffler is not functioning normally if you notice these signs:

  • High fuel consumption ;
  • Suspicious noises when you accelerate;
  • Slamming on the floor;
  • Abnormal vibrations

If any of these occur, visit our garage for an inspection and repair.

In-depth muffler inspection and targeted repair in Longueuil

Muffler Repair Brossard

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Our company is your trusted partner for muffler installation, repair and replacement.


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